The Summoning The Artist workshop will allow you to engage deeply with yourself as an artist alongside other kindred spirits for an entire day filled with hands-on activities, storytelling, philosophical discussion, artistic experimentation, examinations of great artists and their work, reflections on the creative process, and of course, producing art.

The topics, activities, and group setting in the workshops will challenge you to push boundaries you wouldn't otherwise push on your own.

We will primarily use photography as the basis for most of the workshop exercises (digital/film/cell phone), but we will be exploring other art forms in our discussions as well. I will also be sharing some personal experiences; like how I got thrown out of a celebrity wedding, how psychedelics have influenced my work, the time I shot a wedding in a Hurricane, and "weird" jobs I have been asked to do... etc. I also always make time for questions.

My workshops are focused primarily on understanding yourself as an artist, increasing your connection to your creativity, experimenting, staying inspired & innovative, and carving your own niche. I cover some of my 7 years' experience as one of the pioneers in the Alternative Wedding Industry, how to get the clients you want, telling the truth with our work, learning to say NO, breaking rules, and branding yourself along with your work.

A few more Topics

  • The Muse
  • Personifying your work
  • Direct vs Indirect Influence
  • Artistic Integrity
  • Trying to NOT please everybody
  • The Artist Creature
  • Turning Detriment into Gold

Hands on Activities

There will be a number of experimental exercises we will be doing on our own, with a partner, or as a group. For example:

  • Shooting From The Hip
  • Negative space
  • Over/Under exposure
  • Double exposure
  • The Power of the Self-portrait
  • Photographer as Director
  • Cut-Ups

Final Project: Portraits

The workshop will culminate into a portrait project. By utilizing all the various techniques learned and reflections from the workshop, attendees can participate in taking portraits of each other. This also means you will walk away with unique portraits of yourself!


I will be choosing a special project for us to all take home with us and revisit the results online a few weeks later.

What you will get out of it

  • Develop your own distinctive aesthetic, and do so unapologetically
  • Feel empowered to create at a higher level
  • Take greater risks
  • Connect to the spaces in the subconscious that feed the Artist Spirit
  • Learn to "communicate" with your work
  • Be more beautiful, have better sex, buy an island... well maybe not, BUT I guarantee you will become a better artist that day

Who is this workshop good for?

Creative people of all kinds will benefit from this workshop, even if we primarily use photography as the main tool for study/expression. The lessons from photography can be translated into other art forms like design, filmmaking, writing etc. Again this is not a technical photography workshop per se. Amateurs or professionals are welcome. Wedding Industry professionals or people starting their own businesses, students (ask me about a student discount!), digital/film shooters, and all creative minds can benefit from this class.

**If you have already attended one of my workshops or have had a Skype session with me and would like to join us again, you will receive a discount. Please contact me: info@featherlove.com

Anything can happen

While great care and preparation is taken for the workshops, each one has its own unique surprises. We work intuitively with the strengths and interests of each workshop group, as well as often have special guest lecturers, friends, or some fun after-parties... Past surprises have included:

  • Tim & Nicki Bluhm playing a private show for us
  • Falling Skies star Sarah Carter as our model
  • Anne Sage of The City Sage as a guest lecturer
  • Chloe Aftel's excellent and unique Polaroid classes (utilizing Impossible Project film)
  • Post-workshop dance parties
  • Workshop in the pool!